About Finafex

Finafex is a modern-age crypto asset exchange aiming to enhance crypto adoption through the provision of seamless crypto exchange and trading. It is a fully regulated entity backed by the Capital Investment Bank (Labuan) Ltd (CIBL), an Investment Bank licensed under the purview of the Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority (LOFSA).

Finafex aims to be the dominant cryptocurrency trading platform for South East Asia by virtue of location, accessibility, usability, its cutting-edge technology, innovative tools and trading packages, delivering all in a regulated and legally sound environment. This way, we are aiming to attract millions of users who previously lacked access to crypto assets and thus benefiting the entire crypto-economy.


Secured Trading Environment

Liquidity Offered

Innovative Approach

Fully Transparent


Crypto trading exchanges are becoming more as a source of utter financial gains for developers and less as a contributing factor to crypto economy leading to a state where it is becoming tougher for quality projects with limited resources to get listed on such exchanges and resulting in hindrance in the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Some of the main problems we aim to solve include:

Lack of Liquidity:

Countless inactive coins with empty order books, and difficulty in conversion to fiat.


Hacking and scams led to monetory losses for traders.

High Fee:

Dependency on external banks and third party exchangers result in extra fee and intermediary deductions.


Lack of regulated structure and governmental restriction may cause exchange ban.

Our Solution

Finafex Exchange

Continuous effort by Finafex's strong team to ensure trading liquidity, cybersecurity, seamless user experience and international market traction.

Potential Target Market

Capture Asian market, especially SEA. Positioning towards sustainable institutional traders. Offer USP of bank-backed and regulated by Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority (LOFSA)

Well Planned Listing Policy

Only selective coins with significant community backing and potential impact to be listed will ensure liquidity.

Robust Features

Trading Limit, Market, Stop/Stop-Limit and Trailing stop-loss. Hedging services against securities, bonds and future market.

Sophisticated Technology

Different services for different user segment. E-Wallet highest standards security. End to end payment & remittance solution.

Aggressive Marketing

Lucrative Referral Offerings. Digital and roadshow campaign. Collaborative partnership with other exchanges.

Our Vision

We envision a fully transparent, regulated crypto trading platform that solves the issues faced by traditional crypto exchanges and in turn enhance the process of crypto adoption by attracting millions of users who previously lacked access to a regulated, secure and fully transparent exchange.

Our Mission

We aim to be the industry leader in facilitating crypto asset trading across the world by serving as the first-ever fully regulated exchange with a bank level security and liquidity, and in doing so resolve the issues faced by crypto traders, while also meeting the needs and demands inherent in the fintech industry.

Our Competitive Advantage

Finafex stands out among its competitors because of its experienced management, continuously embedded innovativeness, foolproof security, a clever marketing strategy, up keeping highest standards of governance and providing the best services to its customers.


Elegant User Interface, Ease of access and usability enabling 3-Click Trade.


All of your digital assets are protected, as Finafex is bank backed high security protocol & compliant to Central Bank of Malaysia .


The Finafex leadership combines best of both worlds – renowned professionals with years of industry experience and dedicated technology evangelists with a track-record of successful projects.


Our business model allows self-regulation, where all financial activities will be recorded on a distributed incorruptible distributed ledger.


Unlike traditional crypto tokens, Finafex Token will immediately provide a significant utility in the trillion-dollar crypto and digital assets marketplace, allowing a real-life value and potential backing.


Contribute now through the ICO User Centre

Safe & Secure Transactions
Encrypted and Kept Private
Contribute Using Cryptos
KYC Verification

Finafex ICO
Token Issuance

Finafex Token will run natively on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC 20 platform across globally.

600,000,000 Total Token supply
300,000,000 Hardcap (FNX)
50,000,000 Softcap (FNX)
300,000,000 Token For Public
ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP Accepted Currency

Bonus Details

PRE-ICO 30% Bonus 15th Nov - 14th Feb
ICO SALE - Phase 1 20% Bonus 15th Feb - 14th Mar
ICO SALE - Phase 2 10% Bonus 15th Mar - 15th Apr
chart Token
  • ICO Sale 40%
  • Private Round/Institutional Sale 10%
  • Team and Management 25%
  • Advisory Board 5%
  • Bounty Campaign, Referrals 7%
  • Bonus Allocation during the ICO Sale 3%
  • Future Talent Acquisition 5%
  • Reserve for future development 5%
chart Funds
  • Engineering and Development 40%
  • Business Development 12%
  • Marketing & Promotion 20%
  • Legal & Regulation 10%
  • Operational & Administration 8%
  • Contingency 4%
  • Partners 6%


Download the whitepaper and learn more details about Finafex.

White Paper (PDF)
One Pager (PDF)
Information Memorandum (PDF)


Our journey thus far and the road ahead.

Our Team

Finafex team consists of a highly experienced group of professionals from fintech industry including but not limited Blockchain Specialists, Venture Capital specialists, Bankers, Finance officers, Auditors, Research specialists, Programmers, Web Developers and Marketing specialists. We pride ourselves in a team who has hands-on experience in all facets of Financial Engineering and Deal Structuring.

Meet the Leadership Team

Norita Ja'afar
Leading Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking activities
Rashdan Ramlee
Working with global clients in digital banking, e-payments and crypto-token utilization.
Faisal Shadli Arshad
Experienced Head Of Operations with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry.
Michael Seow
SME, Banking & Regulatory
Principal Officer of Capital Investment Bank (Labuan) and spearheads the IB’s strategic direction and is tasked to drive the IB’s P&L profitability for non-MYR based transactions.
Nur Syukri Zakaria
SME, Technology
Experienced for e-payment company. Experienced Head of Operation.
Djuan Onn
His financial institution journey starts off with one of the largest banks in Malaysia in the Treasury Department that handles foreign exchange, money market, and rate swapping.

Technology Team

Faizal Yusuf
SME, Blockchain
Technical Expert. Experienced entrepreneur. Active in industry association
Fadli Saad
SME, Security
implementing and managing the Technology Portion on Blockchain Technology and ICOs.

Advisory Board

Dato' Nik Mohd Amin

Dato' Nik Mohd Amin

- Former CEO/Executive Director of Bank Simpanan Nasional.
- Former General Manager of Perbadanan Usahawan Nasional Berhad (“PUNB”).
- Chairman and Director of FASK Holding Group.
- Founder of FASK Capital Sdn Bhd.
- Senior positions in Maybank Berhad and Affin Bank Berhad.
Dr. Awang Adek bin Hussin

Dr. Awang Adek bin Hussin

- Former Assistant Governor of Central Bank of Malaysia.
- Joined Central Bank of Malaysia 1985 and has served as Director of Economics Department and Director of Bank Regulation Department.
- Former Director General in Labuan Financial Services Authority at Bank Negara Malaysia.
- Deputy Minister to the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development from 2004 to 2006.
- Deputy Minister to the Ministry of Finance from 2006 to 2008.
Tony Horrell

Tony Horrell

- Founder of 3 Fintech start-ups including 1 US public-listed.
- Senior management roles in various Multinationals working at Visa International, Thorn Emi, Hoskins Group, ACI Worldwide, Oasis Technologies and First Data Corporation.
- Has extensive experience in Structure, Strategy, Product Design and Deployment of Payment and Settlement systems on a global scale.
Carlo Las Marias

Carlo Las Marias

- Co-founder of Coin Alpha, a cryptocurrency hedge fund protocol and platform that provides investors with access to professional, actively managed, and automatic trading strategies, based in San Francisco.
- He has immense experience in Global Financial Markets where he started off his career as Analyst at Credit Suisse First Boston, followed by Director for UBS London, VP/Executive Director at Goldman Sachs New York & London and Director of Deutsche Bank Hong Kong & Singapore, all during the span of 15 years.
Chu Boon Tiong

Chu Boon Tiong

- Founder of Fuji Latex Malaysia. He has 15 years of experience in property development sector focusing on housing and commercial development, with vast amount of experience in dealing with contractors and bankers.
- Mr Chu also incubates new projects in the E-commerce business, robotics automation, Iot and blockchain technology.
- Mr Chu currently is the Executive Director of a Malaysia Listed Company and founder of STAR LIFE VENTURE FUND SPC. The fund focuses on providing a range of services in Asia Pacific, organize cultural, artistic and sport event, branding consultancy and attracting travelers over the world. STAR LIFE VENTURE FUND SPC seeks investment opportunities in event organizing, media, entertainment, advertisement and potential industry development.


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A bank backed regulated crypto exchange that aims to provide safe , seamless and secure transactions for its users. Aspires to be the dominant crypto asset trading platform in South East Asia.

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